Dr. Deborah Vlatkovic - Psychologist - Psychotherapist

Registered in the Register of Psychologists of Lombardy No. 22361

VAT number: 11621520961

Psychologist - Psychotherapist Dr. Deborah Vlatkovic


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An online and in-person psychologist: always by your side.


If you are here, on this page of my site, it means that you are looking for an online psychologist and want to get to know me better. To find out if I can be the right person for you, let me tell you a little about myself, my experience, and about my method.


I am Dr. Deborah Vlatkovic, I was born and raised in Croatia and have 10 years of academic experience. I studied and received my MSc degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology from the University of Padua.


I am therefore a psychologist, and psychotherapist in cognitive constructivist-relational orientation. I am registered as a member of the Board of Psychologists of Lombardy and a member of the Italian Society of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (SITCC).


My experience in the field


I began my work experience 8 years ago in the area of addiction at Gallimberti & Partners. I then went on in supporting patients suffering from drug addiction and their families by also organizing support groups at the NOA Center in Bollate.


Later I also worked at San Raffaele Hospital in the rehabilitation medicine department following patients with multiple sclerosis. I have experience in both fields in the use of Tms (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).



Today I receive my patients in two studios:


the International Studio of Psychology in Milan located in Piazza Sei Febbraio IV

• Private practice in Garbagnate Milane located in via Don Gianola 3A.



In these settings, patients come to me to manage difficult situations related to anxiety, relationship problems, and depression.


Because I know that these moments of difficulty also involve younger boys and girls, I also began to collaborate with the Polipsi service at the Polytechnic University of Milan. Here I offer psychology support and psychotherapy sessions to students at the university. In fact, I provide them with the support to manage their psychological burden so that they can face their studies and their lives as calmly as possible.


My approach


In my professional journey, my goal has always been to have a positive and lasting impact on my patients.


My approach is based on the cognitive constructivist method. But what is it all about? According to this branch of psychology, the reality is not unique and objective. In fact, each person constructs his or her own version of reality based on the experience, values, and mental schemas he or she has established over time. During the sessions, I help my patients identify and interpret these patterns in order to create new ones that can trigger the change they are seeking.


In my sessions, I always try to establish a calm and protected environment where those who come to me can express themselves without fear of judgment. I will then help you to grasp, understand, and deal with the emotions and discomfort you are experiencing.


For me, therapy is like trekking. You will have to climb your mountain and face its obstacles: but you will become stronger. Once you reach the top of the peak you will be a new version of yourself. In fact, I will help you to understand how to deal with and manage the obstacles that life will also present to you in the future.


A psychologist who is online, in-person, and multi-language


We can arrange appointments according to your lifestyle and schedule-don't let the rush of everyday life get in the way of your well-being. I can be your online psychologist and arrange sessions using the Skype platform. Or we can meet in person at one of my studios, in Milan, Garbagnate Milanese and Legnano. You will be the one to choose the best way to begin the path to your rebirth.


In addition, if Italian is not your native language, we can also conduct our meetings in English and Croatian.


If you want to start a journey with me or if you just want to ask me for some information:

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