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Dott.ssa Deborah Vlatkovic - Psicologa

Iscritta all' Albo degli Psicologi della Lombardia N° 22361

​P.IVA : 11621520961


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"The first step doesn't get you where you want to be, but it takes you out of where you are."

My approach


I believe that each patient is unique, and therefore I adapt my approach to the person's needs. I also believe in the value and the healing power of providing a non-judgmental, empathetic, and accepting relationship - one that most individuals may not have previously experienced.

The focus of my practice is person-centered. This means that I see the patient as the expert in their own world and that I believe that he/she contains an inner capacity to change and grow. My goal is to empower and release this person's innate capacity in order to achieve the changes they wish to make in life.

I focus on establishing a safe, empathic, non-judgmental space where you feel both listened to and accepted, and then we will make sure that you will be able to explore your emotions on a deeper level as you might have been able to in the past. 

Why choose to embark on a journey with me:​

Because I myself grew up struggling with the trap of comparison, not feeling like I was enough, and masking my fears with perfectionism.

Through my journey to self-compassion, I've learned that it's not life itself, but our stories, narratives, and beliefs that get in the way and keep us from growing and changing.

We all deserve to be seen and to be heard.

We all struggle. And none of us is immune to feelings of loss, depression, anxiety, grief and fear.

I'm here to help you to normalize mental health where feeling imperfectly human can help guide us through life's ups and downs with less shame and more authenticity.


Book a session now​

We will figure out together how to approach the situation you are dealing with. Confirmed appointments must be settled during the first meeting or according to the agreements. Any missed appointment must be canceled within 48 hours, otherwise, the hourly fee will still be paid, except for unpredictable and urgent cases. ​



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